New Delhi- A Memoir

Above: Clockwise from top: Tomb of Safdarjung, India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Laxminarayan Temple, Connaught Place.

Above: Clockwise from top: Tomb of Safdarjung, India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Laxminarayan Temple, Connaught Place.

Hi guys. I thank you for reading my blog. The blog New Delhi- A Memoir, is the verbalization of time I have spent in the capital. I hope you guys will enjoy reading it.

Right from the day I knew that my next destination is the capital of India I was fascinated with lot of things. In the month of October I had to leave, and finally when the day came I was calm yet curious. Delhi was a night away from me. With the rise of new day, I was in a new city, long away from my hometown. Now it was time to explore!

The first fascinating thing which came my way was Delhi Metro. The successful model of metro-rail working in India was indeed a big Wow. Sometimes the train was inside a tunnel and sometimes on an over-bridge. All station names were new to me, so were the announcements made in the rail. My eyes gazing everything and taking time to settle soon stuck when I saw the huge sculpture of Hanumana near Jhandelwalan. The metro passed by it turning my position to exactly opposite of what it was initially when I boarded the train. On reaching Vikaspuri in West Delhi, I found a place to stay.

You never know the taste of a city unless you taste the street food in the city. To start with Chandni Chowk is the best place. Many of the travel media had featured a lot about Delhi and its heart Chandni Chowk, but being there and experiencing it is all together a different paradise. And now I was introduced to the taste of Delhi. But a lot was yet to be tasted.

The language of a city is mostly talked when people meet. I was introduced to a hindi-cum Punjabi accent, like “Arhad” for “Arhar”. Well my hindi didnt have the marathi accent so it was difficult for people there to believe that my origin is from Maharashtra. Delhi is a cosmopolitan city. Our statistics lecturer while teaching the basics of statistics once said: “Our class represents a sample of whole India.” Indeed he was right, because students there belonged from almost every part of India.

Winters were approaching. It was time for me to experience the freezing cold there in Delhi. With the change in calendar page, I was able to see the change in temperature. The days were getting cold and night colder. Soon metro stations and roads were filled with another member, Fog. It was foggy mornings all over. The walk to metro station in those mornings is hard to forget. Soon the temperature dropped to one degree Celsius and time came for some wine and whiskey. I am not a connoisseur of alcohol, but tasting alcohol in the freezing cold certainly made me feel good. Also, winters brought those vibrant loads of outfits out on road. Girls wearing those scarves around their neck, boys trying different jackets, colours, sometimes red, sometimes black was all beautiful.

One finds herself/himself proud of being an Indian as soon as she/he pays a visit to the parade in Delhi on 26th of January, Republic Day in India. The whole event is being telecast on all visual mediums across the country. Delhi has its own history which adds a flavour to the event. With Prime Minister of India addressing whole country from the Red Fort, one finds a sense of dignity, pride, responsibility, and duty towards nation.

Delhi is a place for historians. Though I am not an historian or an architect, but visiting the Architectures in delhi certainly fascinated me. And when I learned the way of seeing an architecture through architects eyes, I was at a different paradise. Let it be the Red Fort, or Jama Masjid, or Qutub Minar, or Akshardham, Lotus Temple, Connaught Place, and many more, all has a certain energy which keeps you astonished.

All together being in a city which is famous for its history, politics, food, heart (of course its said, “Dil walo ki Dilli”), architecture, transportation systems, climate and many more, is altogether an experience which certainly brings smile onto your face.


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