Hi guys! I was thinking to write a short story. Well at present there are no characters, no names, no plot. But yeah putting an extra pressure on my mind yielded the following. I hope you would enjoy reading it. Your likes would give me the honour to say that I’ve added something more to your IMAGINATION.. Reading is Sexy!!!

Dictionary defines the colour scarlet as “a bright red with a slightly orange tinge”. Scarlet has been a color of power, wealth and luxury since ancient times. In the 20th century, scarlet also became associated with Revolution. But when scarlet comes to my mind I see a girl; whose beauty is a mystique, an oeuvre of a maestro; voice croon and sonorous; svelte body which is feisty and fully clothed with smooth skin. Curves, deep enough to get slipped off and equally raised which will force you to make a compliment. Of a hope, pious to have her would make one feel pipsqueak, but she being adept in savoir faire would mesmerize the wisest of wise and make people feel good about themselves. Gosh! it’s beautiful to imagine…


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