Hi guys! I am excited to tell you all about the characters and plot of the short story I am working on. The title is not yet decided.


Raphael A young french man, who teaches foreign language in an university. Separated from his girlfriend he adopts a false belief about love, life and sex.

Inès– Raphael’s ex-girlfriend.

Mr. Cortese– An old british man who loves to advise young people on matters relating to love and relationships.

Esther– Mr. Cortese’s wife and a great cook.

Note: some characters would be revealed in the story itself. 🙂


Raphael dissapointed with his breakup decides to take a break and tour India. He is fascinated with Hinduism. He gets perplexed when he reads about hinduism. He meets several people in the journey to India. On reaching India, he encounters such an experience which makes his sceptical mind change and outgrows his personality.

What exactly happens with him in India? How does the changed Raphael seem like? What happens to Mr. Cortese and Esther? And many more excitement to come. I hope you guys would enjoy reading it.

Its a short fiction story and also multi-lingual.

Merci (Thank You)!


I would love to hear from you

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