Why do I write?

176394547_640From past few days I am trying to write something, something about myself. Every time I start writing I end up deleting it. I ask myself a question: Who is interested in reading about me? I am not a celebrity so that people would gossip about my personal life. But finally I made it. I asked myself a set of questions: Am I interested in my own life? Am I doing something in life so that it’s worth making a note of it?

I have had always thought of living a life such that I would die writing the beautiful experience I had within my life span. When I think of my forefathers, my grandfather I always wonder how they would have lived their life. There’s a mystery. I wander asking my relatives to share something about them. Some say that my physical appearance is just like my grandpa, some say my anger is like him, some say I am totally different because he made our home a temple and on the contrary I am an atheist. Some say he too owned a black dog like I do. Some even compare us based on our sun signs – Aries. Date wise I am a Capricorn, but in India we usually follow moon sign which makes me and my grandpa Arian. Isn’t it a great idea to make a note your life happenings and keep it for others (probably your younger generations) to read? I mean, imagine you are getting to know everything from your forefathers’ past like, experiences both good and bad, thoughts, crushes, and relationships with friends, family, and life-partner. This in turn will let us know where we belong. Many-a-times I wonder why our surname changed from “Vaidya” to “Karnale”? Elders at my home says my father’s grandpa was a doctor hence our name Vaidya meaning doctor in Sanskrit. Why Karnale? There are similar questions which are left unanswered.

Now I do write. I write about my life. I write about my experiences. I write down my thoughts and views. I write to express. I write for myself and others. I write letters to love of my life (though undelivered). Sometimes I write in happiness and sometimes I write in grief. I turned 23 a week ago. With Shani (Saturn) in 10th house (मृत्यु स्थान) of my Kundli, any expert astrologer would say that I will live long (I don’t believe in astrology). Hence, I have to write a lot 😉 For that I live free, live more because I know someone would be reading it in the future. Moreover, I come close to myself, I understand myself even more. I explore the true self when I write about me. Try writing about yourself and see how many pages you can write. It’s indeed a fun, because most of us don’t know about themselves.


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