On a Sunday Morning

It’s a cold Sunday morning. I am sitting in the front balcony of my home. There’s a public park in front of my home, full of people, busy doing yoga. I can see sun peeping through skies, playing hide and seek with clouds. Cold winds blowing and making me shiver as I write this article. I take my coffee mug which is yellow in colour with a message “No smoking Only drinking”, in hand and take a sip of Bru Gold coffee with brown sugar (a packet or two). The coffee is strong, dark and hot! As soon as I keep the mug on sides of balcony I start thinking about people who are there in my life. How I met them? How they became a part of my life? I keep my feet on another chair in front of me with laptop on my lap, headphones plugged in my ears and playing “Breathe 2AM” by Anna Nalick. I place my fingers on my laptop keyboard and it reminds me of a girl who used to compliment my fingers. They are long and thin. The way in which my fingers press around laptop keyboard fascinated her. There are other reasons too for her to like my fingers! 😉 Someone has said it right: “People come and go what remains at last are memories.”

I turn on Flava app and it displays a page with date January 12, 2014 and time 9:45 AM. I start writing about people in my life. Sooner or later I hear my sister calling my name “Kabir”, she added, “Have you read today’s Times Life?” She brings the newspaper magazine and I start reading the article having title: “How I start my day”. Fatima Bhutto, a poet and a writer expresses her way of starting her day. At the end of the article I think of myself. How do I start my day? The day began on 00:00 when I was in the middle of chatting with the girl next door. Or did it start with the calls from my mother “Kabir, its quarter to 8:00 get off the bed.” I drag my lazy ass to brush my teeth and my mouth freezes with chilled water coming through the tap. I rinse my mouth quickly to breathe some air in and out. Fuck! That was damn cold. My sister is busy searching a nice song on 5 to 6 music channels aired on our digital TV. I log into Facebook and look for updates from my friends. My friends are as lazy as me, they comment on my status which was uploaded before two days. We are so alike! A writer never goes off his writing. Finally, I start writing at around 9:45 AM and guess what I completed this article you have just read.



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