Have you ever imagined a room at your place where you can read and write? I have imagined it. I wish to build a room which is calm, tranquil, energetic and organised.

The room is rectangular in shape with alpine white colour on three of its walls. The floor is made of wood whose colour and texture complements the colour of room. It is a dark wood colour. I am sitting on a swivel chair which has two separate cushions to rest your head and lower back at a time. The base of the chair is slightly inclined. The chair has a foot-ring like a draughtsman chair where I can keep my legs and then lean and rest my back. I don’t like to get up when I write. But when I write I always find something or the other missing. The chair needs wheels to drag me to the point I want. One of the walls on my left has regular brick arrangement texture. The wall has an array of four paintings arranged in a square format. Two of the paintings have a mystery in it. Other two have a hidden message in it. Near my left leg there is a table made of glass. While sitting on the chair I am facing a transparent glass wall. Through the glass wall I see a garden with bluegrass lawn and Chamomile plants. There is a pond which has water filled for birds and my dog. The walls of the garden are made of stones with texture like the one in Maratha forts. If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. In the morning sunlight enters through the window and lightens up the room. At night the white fluorescent lamps light up the room and I see quiet, dark night outside the window. A good lighting is one of the key features of a good library.

Behind me there is a shelf where I keep my books. The shelf is made up of wood which is lavish walnut in colour. Some of the books are arranged horizontally and some vertically. Horizontal ones are thick and vertical ones are long and thin. On my right I have barometer floor reading lamp which I adjust according to my needs. It has a white light and not the traditional yellow because I find yellow one strong and exhaustive. There is a door to my right which leads to backyard. A small window to my right brings some fresh air into the room.

The top corners of the room have speakers for playing soothing music while I read. Yeah! I have the habit to listen music while reading. The room has no clock. I don’t want to limit my presence in this paradise.


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