Like Souls Like Exploring

“I was an adventurer, but she was not an adventuress. She was a ‘wanderess.’ Thus, she didn’t care about money, only experiences – whether they came from wealth or from poverty, it was all the same to her.” ― Roman Payne, The Wanderess

A day in Mumbai

Mumbai is the city having its own secrets. You’ll find a lot about the city in books, travelogues, and movies. For me, Mumbai is the city of secrets. This fact drives me crazy to explore every nooks and corners of this city. And today I was about to explore this mysterious corner of the earth. It has ocean, it has skyscrapers, it has busiest railways, it has variety of street food and never to forget, a friendly crowd. We started from Pune at around 7:30 AM. Kyra seemed very excited; it was first time she was travelling to the city of Bollywood. I on the other hand, was eagerly waiting for the sight of the sea. The local train to Mumbai was moderately crowded. We had reserved window seat for us. I occupied the window seat and Kyra sat beside me. Another 15 minutes we spent settling down with our luggage. Journey started with the mini ipod she carried along with her.

“This contains my favorite playlist. I haven’t updated this in years. You’ll find all old songs in it”, she said putting one earphone in my ear.  I find it difficult to plug those earphones, they fall. Kyra call my ears, elf ears, they are thin and pointed at the top. No wonder, we have a lot of magic in our lives as well. The train runs on diesel and sharp turns near Lonavala brings down the speed. It took one hour to reach the Ghats of Lonavala and soon we could see deep valleys on both the sides of the train. Sun was up and sunrays were slowly penetrating from window. Kyra’s skin shine bright in sunlight and her eyes turn light brown. I love that colour. Her hair and her eyes get the same colour in sunlight. The train runs through mountain, and the turns are so sharp that one can actually see a whole train penetrating the mountains. We turned ON Google Maps and first location to search was Gateway of India. Map showed 3 kilometers from CST station. We usually walk that much, confirmed our nod as we were looking at each other.

“Our train to Nagpur is at 3 PM. We’ll reach Mumbai by 11 AM. We can either go to Marine Drive or Chor Bazaar” I said

“You say, I follow SIRE” said Kyra.

“I wish we had more time, a lot to explore in this city”

“We’ll visit again”

“Yeah, I love this place.”

Magic happened again, we reached CST and my father called up to inform that our reservation for the train is still pending. He asked us to cancel the ticket and look for the next train to Nagpur at 8 PM. Whoa! We had a whole day in Mumbai to explore.


Gateway of India

Instead of walking, we took bus to Gateway of India. It was a typical BEST bus, red from outside and clean from inside. We occupied last seats. I’ve a habit of collecting


BEST Bus Tickets

tickets wherever I travel. Those tickets mark time and date which add to the memory of the place. BEST bus tickets are colourful with different number printed in Marathi language.

The ticket collector punches these tickets according to a code, I’m still unable to decode what it means. I’m not that good with numbers. In another 15 minutes we were at Gateway of India. Scarce traffic on road, which is very rare, and heavy rush of tourists was all we could see. I was mesmerised by the architecture of Gateway of India. Though I’m not an architecture photographer I wanted to capture the beauty of it. I left that part with Kyra. She’s good with lines and she captures them very well. Even the domes and curves are her favourite areas.


Picture Courtesy – Kyra


Dock covered with colourful ferries. Picture Courtesy – Kyra

Having clicked some good shots at Gateway of India, we were ready to move ahead to Queen’s necklace. And this time we decided to walk. Colourful and distinct architectures were standing tall on both the sides of the road. A unique blend of vintage design filled with modern classy cars was spotted at the Bentley showroom.

“Take one of these out please” said Kyra looking at the showroom

“Wanna go for a ride?” I asked.

She jumped like a kid with a big YES. This is a game which we play in public. Try to spot a girl of my type or a boy of her type and guess if he/she is a YES. We usually end up looking at each other echoing YES.

Asking for Nariman Point, we kept moving ahead until we reached a big circle with five roads meeting at a place. My eyes caught Regal Cinema as the name sounded vintage and Kyra was mesmerised by the antique shop on my left. But what held our eyes was the Woodside Inn Cafe at SP Mukherjee Square. We entered the cafe to grab some beer but looking at the decor we felt like stepping out. We were discussing about this when an old man dressed in waistcoat and bow tie approached us.

“You can check the upper floor if you want Sir” he said with a smile.

“Is it good?” I asked

“You’ll love it” he insisted.

We climbed up and here it was a well decorated room with antiques and silks and woods. The couch were velvet red and walls covered with wooden texture. It was time


Woodside Inn Cafe

for some pasta and beer. The humid climate of Mumbai was beaten up as the chilled beer slipped down our throat. The pasta with white sauce and American sweet corn was served in shinny white porcelain dishes.


Grab some Buds




We were in Colaba. This place is cozy and comfortable. It has small restaurants and cafes to chill out. You’ll find altogether different architecture over here. I recalled the time I used this place in my stories as the name felt mysterious and colourful to me. Kyra seemed amused with the tales I told her about Mumbai.

We took our bags on shoulders and started moving towards Nariman Point. Another 15-20 minutes of walk and I could hear the sound of sea waves.

“Hey, can you hear that? We are near sea” I said

“I had the smell a long back ago while you were busy clicking that colourful window.”

“Ah! I love that smell of water.”

“I’m already afraid. Let’s see how close I can get”

“I’ll take you there.”

imgpsh_fullsize (2).jpg

Nariman Point. Picture Courtesy – Kyra


Most soothing place for me. Picture Courtesy – Kyra


She caught my eye. Lost in the beauty of nature, she looked beautiful

“Come on climb up, sea is too far from here” I urged Kyra

“Nah! Nah!” after a minute “Okay, I’ll sit beside you”

It felt heaven. Cool breeze touching my body, the sight of endless sea, sky burning at sunset and smell of the water. I was relived, so was Kyra. 4.JPG


Sunset at Nariman Point. Picture Courtesy – Kyra

We stayed at Nariman Point till the sun went down. We did nothing but felt the nature closely. And now it was time for some coffee. We grabbed take away coffee and moved towards CST station. Mumbai is the city that doesn’t sleep. And it was just 7:30 in the evening. Lights  were spread across the railway station, street food stalls were all set up. Finally it was time for us to taste the famous street food.

imgpsh_fullsize (1)

Bajrangi Food Center, CST. Picture Courtesy – Kyra

We packed some food for us and waived a good-bye to Mumbai. The last pic for the day was of the stunning CST station.


CST at night



Meet Kyra

I wasn’t looking out for anything until I met her. It happened gradually that I started knowing her. I saw her soul. I explored her thoughts. I felt her heart-beats. That’s how I found what I want. I want her.

I’ve seen people enjoying the pleasure of romance by reading Mills and Boon. Has anyone wondered why and how these writings emerge? Has anyone felt these words becoming real? Has anyone found that you have a moment with the person you love and that moment is already written somewhere, as if, they’re writing you? I’ve felt all. Millions of people out there in this world and you want that one person, ever wondered why? It’s because you live from your heart with that person. Let me introduce you to her.

This is what I talk to myself when I think of her. She’s lovable. Love her like madness. She’ll take care of you but you take care of her like she’s the most precious person in your life. Hold her close to your heart. Listen to her. Open up your heart before her and she would listen to you through her heart. Be real; she would accept you the way you are. Stick to your words your actions, she is observant. She needs perfection and this gives you chance to improve upon yourself. She’ll bring out the best in you if you take steps to become perfect. She isn’t moody but its pleasure to see her different moods. That shows how much you mean to her.

She is very proactive. She does what needs to be done. Allow her to do what she wishes to do, also let her rest and you do things for her. She would admire it and enjoy it. Trust her, if she says she’s yours she means it and she stays yours. But don’t take her for granted. She has patience but she has the power to walk away if you treat her wrong. If you love her from your heart and soul you won’t ever see this side of her. She would make your life heaven. She would love you back such that no one has ever loved you.

Be strong. Don’t cut her wings but be the air beneath her wings. She has the potential to fly high. Don’t stop her. Let her fly high. She won’t fly away. She loves you, you can rely on her. But let her fly. Gear up and become strong enough to fly with her. She can do wonders, let her do that. Just be with her. Love binds; it doesn’t bound. You’ve got one life and you’ve got the precious person of your life. Would you live boundless or reel under shackles?

She’s creative; her heart is young and full of life. It breathes. Breathe for her and you would say that you’ve lived. Let her heart blossom and see in how many ways she would love you back. You’ve the most amazing person with you. Explore her. She has so much inside her. Spoil her, kiss her, hug her, caress her body, smell her hair, look in those sparkling eyes, hear her voice, feel her touch, listen to her heart beats… Heaven is right there. Good thing about her is that she won’t ask for anything. She would gracefully accept everything if she knows that it has your love for her in it. Embrace that.

I love when she melts her lips on my lips. While kissing her it’s just her and me. There’s no hurry. There’s no destination. I don’t want to get my lips off her. Kiss her till she’s drop dead tired then hug her and pour life inside her. I wish to stay like this forever. Her skin feels new every time I touch her. The smell of her hair arouses passion in me. I love when she rests in my lap and I love to play with her hair. She looks amazingly beautiful when she’s asleep. She’s calm, she’s in peace with her demons, her mind is thoughtless and body tired. Her breaths are uniform, steady and calm. I get lost in looking at her beauty while she’s asleep. She would often wake up and ask me what I was looking at. I would smile and say, “Nothing”. How could I explain the pleasure to her? Seeing her like that makes me feel my world is complete. I would stay awake to have such sight every day and night.

She thinks. She observes. She learns. Her mind is always occupied with thoughts. There is no certainty to what she might be thinking. Her previous thought may or may not provoke the later thought. That’s her. And amidst these thoughts she has thoughts of me. She takes care of me. She calculates what needs to be done for me and she does that. That’s her love. I feel it. I Enjoy it. That’s when my heart says, hold her for a moment and make her forget her thoughts. Calm her down. She melts in my arms. She digs her head deep in my chest and rests. I wrap my arms around her and we sleep. I wake up to see her glowing face. I kiss her cheeks and see that smile running from ear to ear with her eyes still closed. She finds it difficult to speak up in the morning, but with that peaceful sleep and gentle kiss, she effortlessly says Good Morning Muscle. I love to hear that voice; it’s soothing to ears and fills my heart with joy.

When it comes to celebration she’s the most enthusiastic person. She’ll arrange, decorate, cook and serve. She would dance, sing, laugh, and play. She would fill the room with joy and make everyone smile. That’s her charm. That’s her energy. That’s her aura. She does this unknowingly which makes it pure and more beautiful.

Love always brings out the best in you. Loving hard, living hard…