Bio: There is no doubt that I'm a human and not an animal because I have brain and not instincts. Being classy is my teenage rebellion. People say that I keep things simple for me as well as others. Moreover, I like to keep on going and explore. I am a true believer of the fact that "Life starts at the end of your comfort zone." Perfection is my first priority. When it comes to work I'm practical and selfish. When it comes to friends I'm myself, i.e., simple yet complicated!!! Academically I'm a Computer Science & Engineering graduate. Reading, Photography (Nude), Body Building are the one I find interesting. I am 23 year old graduate who likes to write what I observe, learn and follow. I deal mostly with people and relationships, social issues like religion, caste, race as well as fiction writing. I am an atheist but I like to study and learn Religions and Spirituality. WordPress, my blogging buddy, gives me an opportunity to present myself to the people around globe. Three qualities that I like in me are: Calmness, Madness and Passion. Society is the reflection of you. I tend to focus more on what I reflect, what I give and What I learn. Thanks for visiting Kabir's Blog, a place where you will find me. Feel free to connect with me Facebook: @kabir karnale

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    • Hi. Anonymity is a fantastic umbrella. Thanks for reading my blog. If I am right, you seem to be a lady who doesn’t blog much. Welcome to the bloggers world. I visit more than three websites and I need to manage them all. I try my best to give a fair share of my work to every website. Thanks again for stopping by and reading what I post on WordPress.

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