Weekends! Whoa! It’s time for some leisure and fun. I rush to shower and enjoy the lukewarm water coming through the channels finding its way to spread all over my body. Never being confused about what to wear, I pick up a White Polo T-shirt and Light Grey Trousers. I wear my cologne, hand comb my medium wavy hair, and wear my sneakers. I check my phone just to see that I had missed NO calls. Fuck! Are they (Of course, my friends) aware of today’s plan? Or is there something I am not aware of? I open my contact book and I dial a number 7385******. “Hi dude where you are man?” I asked. “Hey, where are you?” he said. Is he imitating me? “I have reached Sakkardara Square” I said. “I will be there in ten minutes” he said. <Sigh> <Sigh> Ten minutes means it’s a twenty minutes wait….

Whenever I go for a movie I tend to miss first few minutes of the movie. I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence or something else. The rush to theatres was well justified in this case. Finally, I attended the national anthem being played before the movie. That’s exhilarating and makes me feel proud when I stand erect with head held high and I sing in clear voice one of the beautiful National Anthems in world. After passing out from school one gets a chance to rejoice national anthem only in theatre. Well this is what I believe. 😉 Gunday begins. I wish I could write about the movie. But I have to end it in one word, “watchable”.  We step out of the theatre. Next is what I call discreet stalking – Well we don’t really stalk a woman – The city is full of beauty. Tgroup-of-friendshe best part happens when you get attention from the right chick.

We drive through the hill sides in our city to reach the famous Futala Lake. I love this place. I get two pints of beer. Well my friend doesn’t know how to open the cap with teeth. I do the job for both of us. We sit on a wall with our legs held above the water. Cheers!

We drive back to Sakkardara square and make place for ourselves at a small juice centre on the square. The “never to end” chit chats begins. Teasing, Poking, Challenging and Joking begins. One thing remains common: whenever a hot girl crosses the road all of us pop out our eyes at her. “Bhai, teri bhabhi hai” is what one of us will say.

I love my friends. 🙂