Do what is RIGHT, not what is EASY

My mother says that my naughtiness was at its peak when I was a kid. There were many incidences when my mother used to scold me for being troublesome to others. I am afraid of my father. I used to please aai (term for mother in Marathi language) to forgive me each time and request to hide it from my father. I thought it’s very easy for aai to hide things. But she did what is right and always told him about my kand. She knew that for him to correctly advocate his parenting he must be aware of my life. Why I admire this because now I know that my parents are morally correct and I follow morals too. Recently, my friend said that she wants her daughter to know that her mom has morals. It is indeed important because our society begins from home.

Confucius says: By three ways one can learn wisdom. First, by Reflecting which is Noblest, second by Imitating which is Easiest and third by Experience which is Bitterest.” By choosing easier path we make ourselves weak. I’ve an example to share with you. Sunidhi Chauhan, one of the leading female singers in India, gave an interview to a press magazine. The interview read that she went into a relationship at an early age in her life and got into marriage when she was 19 years old. Within a year of the relationship, she knew that nothing’s going right. Indeed, marriage at an early age was a bigger step in her life, but the right choice was yet to be made. It was very easy for her to live with her mistake and try not to improve it. But she chose to end her marriage and take care of her emotional self. It was hard step for her, but the right one. According to her, if she would have been in the same relationship (which was narrow minded and wrong in every sense), she won’t have reached where she is today. Making a right step made her strong.

I’m an atheist, but every day after having bath I burn incense stick in front of God just to remind me that I want to be a right decision maker in my life. Decisions play an important role in my life. Sometimes it’s difficult to take right decisions. But then recall the words, “Do what is Right, not what is Easy.”