Weekends! Whoa! It’s time for some leisure and fun. I rush to shower and enjoy the lukewarm water coming through the channels finding its way to spread all over my body. Never being confused about what to wear, I pick up a White Polo T-shirt and Light Grey Trousers. I wear my cologne, hand comb my medium wavy hair, and wear my sneakers. I check my phone just to see that I had missed NO calls. Fuck! Are they (Of course, my friends) aware of today’s plan? Or is there something I am not aware of? I open my contact book and I dial a number 7385******. “Hi dude where you are man?” I asked. “Hey, where are you?” he said. Is he imitating me? “I have reached Sakkardara Square” I said. “I will be there in ten minutes” he said. <Sigh> <Sigh> Ten minutes means it’s a twenty minutes wait….

Whenever I go for a movie I tend to miss first few minutes of the movie. I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence or something else. The rush to theatres was well justified in this case. Finally, I attended the national anthem being played before the movie. That’s exhilarating and makes me feel proud when I stand erect with head held high and I sing in clear voice one of the beautiful National Anthems in world. After passing out from school one gets a chance to rejoice national anthem only in theatre. Well this is what I believe. 😉 Gunday begins. I wish I could write about the movie. But I have to end it in one word, “watchable”.  We step out of the theatre. Next is what I call discreet stalking – Well we don’t really stalk a woman – The city is full of beauty. Tgroup-of-friendshe best part happens when you get attention from the right chick.

We drive through the hill sides in our city to reach the famous Futala Lake. I love this place. I get two pints of beer. Well my friend doesn’t know how to open the cap with teeth. I do the job for both of us. We sit on a wall with our legs held above the water. Cheers!

We drive back to Sakkardara square and make place for ourselves at a small juice centre on the square. The “never to end” chit chats begins. Teasing, Poking, Challenging and Joking begins. One thing remains common: whenever a hot girl crosses the road all of us pop out our eyes at her. “Bhai, teri bhabhi hai” is what one of us will say.

I love my friends. 🙂



Pacific-Resort-Aitutaki-Cook-Islands-25She rushed towards the water as if the waters had befriended her. An unreal and giddy feeling of rushing naked into the waters such that the touch of water caresses her bare skin looped her mind. She is ready to experience the exhilarating rush of being naughty and nude in the open, shielded only by a semi reflecting sheet of transparent water. Skinny Dipped! She is wearing the bare minimum, and it’s just a couple of inches of cloth between her and nudity. There’s something about a beach that makes it a big turn on for just about anyone. You’re all alone, and yet, the vast emptiness can be so confusing and tempting.

She played around the water. Her hands slip and slide all over her well concealed areas. A beach isn’t all about the water. Her decision to go commando into the water created carnal frustration for me, increasing sexual passion and the desire to rip those clothes off the minute we get some alone-time. The light of dusk turned the blue water into intense orange and red just to arouse more passion and lust. She is like a nymph, shoulder dipped in water, with those appealing sights crossing my mind and thoughts. Forgetting all the secrets, longings, grudges, insecurities, and memories I wanted to hold her close to me in those waters with the cool sea breeze doing wonders between those legs. The quite night after the dusk resembled closely to our bodies resting in pleasure after a strong merging of sexual energies. The bliss is beyond words and it connects on a higher plane that’s beyond the realm of what our mind can understand.